About Got GIS? and Jeffrey Ashby


This blog is dedicated to my future career as a GIS Specialist and Geographer-at-large. I plan on posting about projects I work on, assignments for classes, stuff I do for fun, and any other geographic and GIS items that come across my desktop.

“So, what is GIS?” you ask. Fair enough question, GIS stands for Geographic Information Systems. It has a cousin called GISc which stands for Geographic Information Science. GISc deals with more of the science and theory behind geographic systems (read “Linked” by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi for more on this). While the second one deals with the tools to make all those interesting maps you see in the newspaper, on TV, on the Internet, and hanging on walls. Like polling maps for which state is expected to vote which way, or a map showing areas of increased crime in a city, or the habitat of a rare and endangered animal. The list goes on and on. Geography, and GIS, is all about the where on Earth something is, or how it is distributed across the Earth’s surface. With geography and GIS we might show range and destruction done by feral pigs, or the spread of West Nile Virus over the last several years. But it goes deeper than that to ask the question of why are these things distributed as they are, or why is this here and not there?

So, about me now. I am an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. I have a job working for a huge technology company and want to get out of that and into a job using the skills I am acquiring in GIS. If you or someone you know could use my mad set of skills, then take a look below at a few examples of what I have done so far, or better yet, grab a copy of my resume here.


Jeffrey Ashby

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